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Texas Longhorns 71, Iowa State Cyclones 65: Post-Mortem & Celebration Thread

Time to whip it out.
Time to whip it out.


The Longhorns live to fight another day.

  • J'Covan Brown came up huge. Again. I love when dude plays like it's him against the world, then after getting fouled on an And-1, screams "M'Fer!!" really loud while flexing to no one in particular. He has struggled getting free in recent games with teams clamping down on him, but Mr. Brown still comes through when it counts. Game ball.
  • It was a really good team effort by the Longhorns. The big men--Clint Chapman, Jaylen Bond, and Jonathan Holmes--had an underrated game crashing the boards, exploiting mismatches, and checking Royce White. Julien Lewis was Mr. Glue Guy (I love how he skies high on rebounds in the lane), and Sheldon McClellan got hot when we needed instant offense.
  • Myck Kabongo and zero turnovers. My favorite stat of the night.
  • Rick Barnes was positively ecstatic in the post-game interview with Holly Rowe. He got in hugs pre-interview hugs from Kabongo and Brown, and may have cracked a half-smile. It was plainly obvious in the post-game celebration: every single Horn knew how important this win was.
  • That said, this win doesn't ensure that Texas gets an NCAA Tournament bid as the announcer was spouting off. But it sure does help.
  • No rest for the weary and tournament bubbled. Texas plays Missouri tomorrow in the late game. Hook 'em!