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Urban Meyer will let you in his home for $1,000,000

As part of Florida's Gateway of Champions. Billed as 'An Evening with the Meyers!,' some lucky (and rich) fan will get to dine with the coach. And his family. In their home. You really can't put a price on something like that, but Florida did. It's $1,000,000.

 height=And that's not even the most expensive thing on the menu. For a mere $5,000,000 you can spend a game day with the Gator football team. Game nights are reserved solely for the Gainesville PD.

But what about the average fan?

AD Jeremy Foley: And we can charge anything we want! Two thousand a day, ten thousand a day - - people will pay it! And then there's the merchandising...

Meyer: Jeremy, this program was not built to cater only to the super rich. Everyone in the world's got a right to enjoy these players.

Foley: Sure, they will, they will. We'll have a coupon day or something.

So what does the minimum $1,000 donation get Joe Sixpack? His name in lights? No, that's $5,000.

He gets an 'exclusive donor thank you gift.'