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College Football News Roundup: 12/19/11

Here is a look at what's going on today in the world of College Football.

Kevin Sumlin has his first recruit. He is Oklahoma freshman running back Brandon Williams.

Williams, a five-star recruit coming out of Brookshire, was on Texas A&M's campus Saturday and said that he was transferring to A&M in order to be closer to home.

As a freshman at OU, Williams totaled 219 yards on 46 carries.

Williams is expected to apply for a hardship exemption, to try and be eligible in 2012. Since he appeared in 8 games for the Sooners this season, more than likely he will sit out the 2012 season and have three years of eligibility remaining beginning in 2013.

With the Great Charlie Weis Experiment officially in the dumpster, Florida Coach Will Muschamp is busy looking for a new Offensive Coordinator.

In Will Muschamp's first year at Florida, The Gators ranked 102nd in the nation in total offense.

Muschamp has interviewed a former Gator QB for the position. Kerwin Bell, the current head coach at Jacksonville University is a candidate for the job.

Bell was the Quarterback at Florida from 1984 to 1987, finishing with 7,585 yards passing and 56 touchdowns. He has been at Jacksonville - a FCS program - for five years and has a 36-21 record. He obviously would have a good handle on recruiting in Florida as well strong ties to the program.

Corruption From The World of the SEC (No not THAT SEC)

Records show that The Houston Athletics Foundation is one of many victims of an alleged Ponzi scheme and may have lost 40% of its listed assets that go to fund athletic scholarships.

More than $2.2 million in assets lost by the Houston Athletics Foundation are among the most notable in a phony bond scheme.

The leader of the Ponzi scheme, David Salinas, committed suicide last summer as the SEC was getting ready to file a lawsuit accusing him and an associate, Brian Bjork, of selling bogus corporate bonds with purported yields of up to 9 percent.

Salinas was also the founder of Houston Select AAU basketball program, and among his victims were several college coaches including: Texas Tech's Billy Gillispie ($2.3 million) former Arizona coach Lute Olson ($1.17 million), Baylor's Scott Drew ($621,000) as well as Baylor football coach Art Briles ($780,000).

Finally, Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, who turned one play -- a late game sack against Georgia Tech -- into a cottage industry, has in turn been sacked by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ruettiger founded Rudy Nutrition, a sport drink company, and he along with 12 others are accused of running a "pump and dump" scheme on investors.

After the movie "Rudy" came out in 1993, Reuttiger began charging $15,000-$20,000 per speaking engagement.

Ruettiger started a sports drink -- amazingly enough named "Rudy" -- to compete with Gatorade and others. When it didn't take off, the SEC alleges that Ruettiger and others sent emails to potential investors that claimed the Rudy sports drink outperformed Gatorade and Powerade 2-1 in "several blind taste tests."

In less than a month, the company went from trading 720 shares on Feb. 27, to more than 3 million shares a month later, according to the SEC. The complaint alleges that those named generated more than $11 million in "illicit profits."

Nine of those named in the suit, including Ruettiger, have agreed to settle the suit without admitting guilt. Ruettiger is reported to have tentatively agreed to pay $382,000 in restitution.