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Thoughts on LSU

Watching the game, one thing stood out to me . . . Mike Henig sucks. Those 6 picks were well defended, but that kid was just closing his eyes, chunking the ball, and hoping for the best.

Flynn is a capable QB. I think if Perrilloux was given the chance he'd outperform him.

Flynn is a decent, strong runner that can hit you with a quick option or QB draw. One of the first times MSU dropped into a 46 look, Flynn hit it with a weakside option and got good yardage on it. That's a good weapon to have. Perrilloux, unfortunately, looks like the real deal. Strong, accurate arm, enough quickness to mix with his size. A good future awaits him, unless he eats himself out of a job, or decides to hit the craps tables again.

The OL is a question mark. They got outplayed in the first half by the DL, imo. Cirus Black is the LT, which says something. As shaky as the tackle situation is, and we saw what weak tackles did to us last year, I would be worried about several of the tough defenses they have to play. Virginia Tech is coming, Florida is coming, Georgia is coming I believe. If LSU is going to be stopped, it'll be up front.

The defense is great, especially in the interior. The DTs tore shit up. When the game was starting to get out of hand, it was the middle guys who were shutting things down. The LBs are athletic but otherwise unneeded. I didn't really notice anything special they did.

The secondary was awesome. That white SS they have got lucky with those picks, but the corners absolutely shut everything down. They can stop the run up front and defend the pass in the back, and they tackle reasonably well, so I expect to see great things from the defense from time to time. I do question whether they can tackle great athletes in space, so Florida will be a tough matchup. But teams won't be able to do anything consistently, so it's tough to prediect who specifically can get in there and win. It'll be someone who executes a great gameplan one Saturday and gets a lucky victory. Thoughts on the game?