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First Glimpse at the 2011 Longhorns

Practice photos are up on Mack's site.

Time to fire up the Dreamwagon as irrational hopes for 2011 take hostage of your mind less than 30 days from kickoff.

This doesn't look like an 8-4 team!

A few observations:

Greg Daniels has put on some good weight and finally looks like a DT.

Mike Davis has bulked up a little in the upper body. He's going to need it.

Pic 15 with the true freshman DBs -- Evans, Scott, Turner, and Thompson -- should bring a smile to your face. Great size and athleticism across the board. Scott might be the forgotten guy in this group but he's been balling in 7 on 7 work this summer.

Caption Contest ON for pic 20 of Mad Dog in front of reporters. The winner gets an 18K gold plated tote bag and a free month at Weightwatchers.

Case McCoy still looks like a High School QB.

Jaxon Shipley is further along physically than his brother was at the same age. But Jordan played for like 7 years in college so their stats should even out by the time young Jax is an All American. Sophomore? Junior? He's literally the Great White Hope, imo.

Chris Whaley's body is responding well from not having to diet anymore. He'll be 290 in no time if he isn't already.

Desmond Jackson has that Black Power look you want in all your young DTs. Carefully carved out facial hair paired with smart glasses. This is already causing Calvin Howell anxiety.

Will Fozzy Whitaker make it through a season without getting injured? He's certainly jacked up for a 5'9 RB. There's your senior leader on offense.

The media loves Bennie Wylie. Is it because he looks like the Tae Bo dude and runs wind sprints with the players? While it all sounds and looks good, the jury is out for me until I see us dominating the line of scrimmage and asserting our physical will in the 4th quarter while the other team (Rice!) has hands on knees.

I was hoping to see a pic of Taylor Bible.

Mack looks like he's aged about five years in the last two.

Based on these pictures alone, what's our record for 2011?