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BYU Game Week From The Asset

I-Right 33 Cross-buck. Live it. Love it. Learn it. It’s a simple counter play that is predicated on the success of base plays like I-Right 22 Dive and I-Right 34 Blast. Funny that--plays that build on one another. It’s also a play you’ll never see Bryan Harsin or the Texas Longhorns run this season, but when the Midget League powerhouse the Texas Colts ran it tonight, it got me thinking about how Harsin would build onto the myriad of plays and formations the Horns ran against Rice—so much so that I picked up the phone and called The Asset.

JS: What’s it looking like in the practices this week leading up to BYU?

TA: I think it’s going pretty well. It’s strange, but I didn’t sense the guys were too fired up for Rice in the week leading up to the game and even just before they ran out of the tunnel Saturday night. My sense is they are much more intense this week. They know BYU has a good ballclub and they’re excited about the challenge. The practices have been very crisp and energetic.

JS: So, our readership wants to know what the next surprise is going to be. You’ve set a pretty high bar with stuff like the Ash package, 5 different players taking snaps, and Desmond Jackson in the 5-tech. You have a reputation to uphold, my man.

TA: (laughing) Let’s not get real specific. But here’s something that will shock the hell out of you. REDACTED.

JS: Yeah, it wouldn’t be a good idea to publish that. But it’s good to know that the Ash package is expanding. So we’re going to spread them out a bit more and Ash perhaps gets more plays throwing the ball?

TA: Yes, but I don’t think he throws it as much as your Big Cigar claims he will. I’d say three or four throws tops. But he’ll play more snaps, that’s for sure—especially if this week is any indication. He’ll be a bigger part of the game plan. (laughing again)

JS: What else can we look for going into BYU?

TA: I think Mack and Harsin want to spread them out, but they don’t want to abandon the physical part of the running game. I get the feeling that Mack wants the team to accept BYU’s physical challenge and punch them in the mouth in the run game. Sure we’ll run four wide, but Bergeron and Brown are going to be a big part of the run game. I expect Brown to get in as early as the second drive unlike last week.

They’re also going to build off of a lot of what they showed against Rice offensively. We left some yards on the field in the running game because we missed a block or made an incorrect cut so if we get that tightened up, we think we can have some success and then kill them with counter plays. Overall, Coach Searels feels the offensive line played pretty well in the run game and we want to carry that over into next week. But we’ll also spread them out. You know, we’ll throw the kitchen sink at them.

JS: So just as you explained in the month leading up to the Rice game we’ll run three tights, two tights, four wide, Wildcat, Zone read, two backs, etc. in this game as well?

TA: Yep, it will be typical Harsin but remember we’re game-planning based on what we put on film last week. You’ll be excited by the extension of plays, trust me.

JS: Are there any personnel changes on the offensive side of the ball?

TA: Not really, although Goodwin got a few snaps with the ones. He’ll run some jet sweeps and such in the DJ Monroe role, but he’s more dynamic because he has great hands. Don’t be surprised if Goodwin makes an appearance in this game.

JS: What about on the defensive side of the ball?

TA: It looks like the same 11 will start. Desmond Jackson will get more playing time and they’re excited to see what Dorsey has to offer so he’ll play as well. Also, Edmond got some reps in the last few nights that would indicate he’ll get more time. Something else to note, Okafor, Wilson, and Jeffcoat are pretty fired up about the challenge because they know they’ll have opportunities to get to BYU’s QB. They’ve been sky high in practice.

JS: Do you have any predictions in this game?

TA: I like Texas by 10 because the coaches think they left a lot of offense on the field in the red zone and with a few missed blocks and reads here and there. They think they should have dropped 50 on Rice and they think they’ve got that ironed out this week. Also, they’re as fired up about this game as they’ve been since OU last season. They’re ready.

JS: Well you’re due to be right about something so I’ll buy it.

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