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Predicting Texas Longhorns Statistical Leaders: Offense

<em>Can Joe B lead the Longhorn rushing attack?  </em>
Can Joe B lead the Longhorn rushing attack?

Let's have your individual/unit predictions for the 2012 offense. Then we'll look back in January, 2013 and laugh at how wrong we were. Projected numbers include the bowl game (that's 13 games).



  1. Ash - 312-188-2377-17 TDs - 9 INTs
Ash grows and finishes the season with a positive TD to INT ratio. Case McCoy sees spot duty and, of course, Jaxon Shipley leads us in passing efficiency. If I'm delusional, you can tell me so.


  1. Bergeron - 1051
  2. Brown - 910
  3. Gray - 425

I'd like to predict two 1,000 yard rushers, but the structure of our offense also means carries for Daje/DJ, the QB, and the wide receiver corps (Goodwin, Shipley). Many prefer Brown's sweet feet to Bergeron's raw power, but I'll take Joe to edge him out.

Total Touchdowns

  1. Bergeron - 14
  2. Brown - 9
  3. Shipley - 9
I expect Bergeron to be our primary short yardage back. Shipley will score as a receiver, rusher, and returner.


  1. Shipley - 63- 885 - 6 tds
  2. Davis - 51- 660- 3 tds
Shipley misses two games, but remains the clear #1. Davis rebounds to be a solid #2.


  • 427.0 yards per game
  • 33.5 points per game
  • Six different Longhorn running backs score TDs
  • The Longhorns throw for 2500+, run for 3,000+
  • #11 national rushing offense
  • Top 30 scoring offense